Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Glimmer: Halloween Adventure!

Adventure for Young Adults of All Ages! Autumn Glimmer, the sequel to my young adult novel, Glancing Through the Glimmer, is set in Ireland on Halloween weekend, when the "veil" between the physical world and the Otherworld is thinnest—and it's always a little thin in Ireland. Here's the blurb and an excerpt!

* * * * *
Janet and Liam meet again for a Halloween weekend they'll never forget . . .
Fairies living beneath the lake on the King of Ireland's country estate? Janet Gleason isn't surprised. The American teen and her royal friend, Prince Liam Boru, have met the Good People before. Just before Halloween, three of the fairies, Blinn, Mell, and Lewy, leave their watery home to fill a magical bag with the flowers their queen requires to keep a hungry monster asleep. Blinn decides she'd like to see the mortal king's house. Lewy wants to taste oatcakes again, and Mell goes along on a tragic ride that leaves poor Lewy lost and alone. Can Liam and Janet help him find the flower bag before the monster awakens? Or will Lewy's misguided glimmer trap the young mortals forever in the palace beneath the lake?
* * * * *
At a bend in the trail, Janet stopped. “Do you hear that bird? I heard it earlier. It sounds like a person crying. Do you know what it is?”

Amidst the rustle of autumn leaves and the trilling and whistling ...of flitting birds, Liam detected a whimpering noise. “That’s not a bird, Jan. I think someone is hurt.”

He released her hand and hurried up the trail, concerned when the weeping stopped, standing motionless until it resumed, moving quickly toward it when it did. A child, or perhaps a young teenager, he thought, touching the pocket that held his cell phone.

Janet was right behind him. She pointed to the right. “It’s coming from there.”

The sobbing had stopped again, but Liam spotted a patch of turquoise cloth. He shoved his way through the undergrowth. “It’s one of the boys who’ve been playing pranks. Looks like he’s caught in a thorn bush. Easy, lad. We’ll get you out of there in jig time.”

They knelt on either side of the boy. Uttering senseless but soothing words, Janet pulled branches from the child’s shirt and his mop of white hair.

Liam wondered why the wig didn’t come off. “What’s your name, lad?”

“Lewy,” the boy replied through chattering teeth. “I’m Lewy. Please don’t hurt me!”

The words sputtered out, his youthful voice so shrill with fear, he didn’t sound quite Irish. A regional thing, thought Liam. Yet something about the boy’s accent sounded familiar.

“Of course we won’t hurt you,” Janet said as if she were calming a frightened pet. “We’re going to help you.”

Liam untangled one last branch from the shirt of the boy’s costume. “There, that should do. Can you stand, Lewy? Here, grab hold of my hand.”

Lewy stared at Liam through eyes as round as bright blue lollipops. Liam had seen such eyes before. They tripped a silent alarm in his head.

As the boy reached his shaking hands toward Liam, Janet gasped and covered her mouth. At the same instant, Liam noticed the webbing between Lewy’s fingers. He took hold of the long thin arms and helped the boy to his feet.

Bare, web-toed feet.

No boy, this. At his full height, Lewy was as tall as Liam kneeling, and his tear-streaked face, while far from old, was hardly the face of a boy—or a human.

* * * * *
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